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SealLine Map Case

Sealline Map CaseSince we document all our paddles, one of our most important pieces of gear is a quality map case. SealLine map cases are our new map case of choice.

What We Like:
Historically, we’ve been fans of Granite Gear map cases because the plastic was nice and clear and much sturdier than SealLine. However, that changed after going through a couple due to broken zippers and cracking seams, rendering our waterproof case, anything but. The interesting thing is Granite Gear offers 3 sizes of map cases. The Stormshield (large) and Thunderhead (small) are designed for canoe thwart attachment. But the El Nino (medium, our size of choice) has not been redesigned with the nylon backing and new closure. I inquired about any redesign plans on the El Nino to the staff at Canoecopia this year but they didn’t know if that was going to happen.

So we’ve moved onto SealLine map cases which have more of a ziploc-type closure. That closure didn’t seem ideal at first but so far it has proven to work great with less chance of cracking. The plastic is also lighter but not so much so that it’s difficult to slide under our deck rigging.

Another main difference between this and the Granite Gear cases are the sizes. SealLine’s run a little larger instead of a snug fit for 8.5″x11″ printouts (and the medium size is perfect for this).

A word of note, don’t confuse these with SealLine’s HP Map Case. We don’t quite trust the thin urethane and the closure is cumbersome.

The Final Word:
Protecting our maps is incredibly important. A map case should should be durable and absolutely waterproof. SealLine’s map cases are our go-to choice.

Key Info:
Manufacturer: SealLine

Overall Size: 8″x12″
Compartment Size: 6″x10.5″

Overall Size: 12″x16″
Compartment Size: 10″x14.5″

Overall Size: 16″x22″
Compartment Size: 14″x20.5″

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