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Teva Women’s Ewaso Sandal

Teva Women's Ewaso SandalPlanetShoes sent us some Teva Ewaso sandals to review and the best part is that a purchase of Tevas will benefit the Waterkeeper Alliance.

By Emilie Kalpinski
Miles Paddler Since Day One

Be sure to take advantage of the great promotion PlanetShoes and Teva have teamed up for which benefits the Waterkeeper Alliance, a cause near and dear to us. For every pair of Teva shoes purchased through between June 18th through June 24th, Teva will donate $10 to the Waterkeeper Alliance. In connection with this great promotion, it was the perfect opportunity to review the Teva Ewaso Sandal.

What We Like:
The Ewaso sandal is the classic outdoor sandal you’d expect from Teva with the added benefit of toe protection. They’re not heavy or bulky like a lot of sandals in this category. They’re rugged enough for all your outdoor endeavors, but comfortable like a tennis shoe that you’d wear everyday.

When out playing in the water and chasing rivers, there are two things a good water shoe must do: drain quickly and keep you from slipping on rocks.

I’ve traditionally worn open-toe outdoor sandals so water wouldn’t get trapped and cause irritation. I had my doubts about the closed-toe aspect but I was really impressed with how well the Ewaso sandal drained. The mesh and interior tread allowed water to escape the toe quickly so there was a very minimal amount of that suction/squishy/sliding feeling on the soles of your feet. They felt like they dried quickly too (even without being being completely dry to the touch) which made it comfortable to trek around after getting out of the water. Because the toes are covered, they seem even more water sport appropriate offering protection from rocks and all of the other unknowns lurking under the water.

All new shoes have a slight level of breaking-in and after getting them wet for the first time, as expected, I had to make a few minor adjustment to the straps. But there are 2 main points of adjustment which made it easy to fine-tune the fit quickly.

The rubber sole on the Ewaso is made from Spider Original Rubber which I was unfamiliar with. It’s Teva’s outsole technology that is made to grip in wet environments and according to the website, there are varying degrees of this Spider Rubber. It definitely exceeded expectations and gripped really well in my water test. I felt confident moving on gravely bottoms and then from rock-to-rock. Even the interior tread felt like it was holding my foot in place. Again, eliminating most of that suction/squishy/sliding feeling you get from other rubber-soled shoes.

This is a really light sandal and it past the most impressive test of all… they float. Even after total submersion, they popped right back up. And after losing a variety of plastic sandals in muddy waters, I’ve learned that straps are important. Not that these would get pulled off due to the secure webbing but you never know what powers are at work trying to separate you from your shoes.

A third important aspect specific to kayaking is that they must fit under the deck comfortably. I had no problems fitting them into the kayak on my toe-holds with my toes up.

These Teva’s, are available in two color blocking options, blue and brown and are fashionable enough to be used above water, just running around. In fact, totally unprompted, a neighbor who stopped by complimented them.

The Final Word:
Teva’s Women’s Ewaso Sandal is the perfect combination of form and function. They provide the breathability of a sandal with the sturdiness of a tennis shoe and are extremely soft and comfortable. I’m also an avid runner and these feel great to slip on after a long run (The Shoc Pad technology is evident). If you’re looking for a water shoe (or just a comfortable, sporty, everyday shoe), these have great drainage, grip, protection and they look good too. It’s safe to say that I was impressed and I can’t wait to introduce them to my favorite rivers and creeks.

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Key Info:
Manufacturer: Teva
Colors: Algers Blue & Brown
Material Upper: Stretch Mesh
Material Outsole: Spider Original rubber
Material Heel: Shoc Pad™ in the heel for shock absorption
Average Weight: 7.6 oz.

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