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Book: The Best In Tent Camping – Wisconsin

The Best In Tent CampingThe Best In Tent Camping, Wisconsin edition, is a well-researched and handy little guide to reference some of the most beautiful campsites on the quieter-side of nature.

What We Like:
Johnny Molloy’s guides to the Best Tent Camping in Your State Here are great resources to have in your backpocket. While not a native to Wisconsin, his friend Kevin Revolinski (from Madison no-less) helped create a well-informed field guide to camping in some of the most beautiful places in our State (Copper Falls, Rock Island, Amnicon Falls to name a few). While not exhaustive, it feels complete in its broad geography of Wisconsin and you’re sure to find some peace in whatever part of the state you’re in.

The full title The Best in Tent Camping: Wisconsin: A Guide for Car Campers Who Hate RVs, Concrete Slabs, and Loud Portable Stereos (Best Tent Camping) is a bit heavy-handed but it does explain the focus of the book. And that also explains the omission of places like Devil’s Lake (because for sure beauty, it should be included but the camping is far from peaceful).

The book doesn’t just focus on State Parks. It includes State Forest camping and other campgrounds you may not be aware of.

The guide is well organized, detailed and includes a star-rating for Privacy, Spaciousness, Quiet, Security, Beauty and Cleanliness. They even a have a Best-Of List which includes Wheelchair Accessibility.

The write-ups contain detailed campground maps and standard information like rules and regulations specific to the park. Of course, specifics like fees and dates of operation change throughout time (we’re already dating ourselves 5 years after the 2nd edition ) so you’ll want to double-check with any changes prior to your arrival.

Throughout they’ll point out all sorts of interesting features specific to the area. And of course, we love the additional bits of knowledge specific to canoeing and kayaking regarding the waters near these campsites.

This book is stocked with great information on the popular and maybe-less-so gems in the state. And you’ll find that it holds an endless amount of first-hand insight to guide you through our state camps.

The Final Word:
This is a great guide to have on hand especially if you’re chasing rivers and creeks and traveling without a specific destination. You might even find yourself picking out specific campsites based on the write-ups. It’s a good companion to store with your atlas.

Key Info:
Author: Kevin Revolinski and Johnny Molloy
Publisher: Menasha Ridge Press
Pages: 192

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