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GSI Flask

Traveling with glass on the water is illegal on a lot of rivers but (in our opinion) should be illegal on all. GSI makes a tough, leak-free flask for spirits, water or whatever else you’re taking with you on your journey.

What We Like:
This is a slim and light little flask which comes in a couple different sizes, 18 and 10 ounces. The plastic is hard, durable and BPA free. The non-slip rubber on the outside is a nice design touch.

The Final Word:
GSI makes wonderfully smart outdoor equipment. This isn’t something you need but it’s another item that handy to store your water, wine or liquor (which often doesn’t come in plastic).

Key Info:
Manufacturer: GSI Outdoors
Weight: 4oz
Volume: 10oz & 18oz (.5L)
Material: BPA-Free Resin
Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime

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