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MSR Mugmate Coffee & Tea Filter

MSR Mugmate Coffee & Tea FilterThe MSR Mugmate Coffee & Tea Filter is the final word for making the best camp coffee.

What We Like:
If instant coffee isn’t your thing, the Mugmate will be. I’ve used the Mugmate for quite sometime now but recently put it head-to-head with the REI Vacuum Infuser Mug which had great reviews and looked like a one-size fits all kind of solution. After one trip with the Vacuum Infuser, it’s become a travel mug and nothing more. The Mugmate wins hands down.

It all comes down to the mesh and size of the Mugmate. The mesh is finer and tighter which prevents the smallest of coffee grinds from falling through. There is no need to worry about buying coarsely ground vs. finely ground coffee (or doing it yourself), it works with both. The size of the Mugmate is also perfect. There is no guessing on how much to add. I recommend filling it 3/4 for fantastic coffee.

The only downside to the Mugmate is that you need a camp cup of course. It’s a separate filter with no other use. However, it’s small enough that I’m able to pack it in my Pinnacle Backpacker Cookset so it doesn’t get in the way or damaged.

Full Disclosure:
I haven’t tried this with tea. I’m more of a coffee guy, especially on the trail.

The Final Word:
The MSR Mugmate Coffee & Tea Filter makes waking up easy to do because you’ll have a great cup o’ joe to look forward to.

Key Info:
Manufacturer: MSR
Dimensions: 2.75″ x 3.3″
Weight: 1oz
Material: Nylon Frame/Stainless Steel Mesh

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