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Book: The Well-Fed Backpacker

The Well-Fed BackpackerThe Well-Fed Backpacker by June Fleming has been around for quite sometime proving just how valuable it is to backpackers, campers and kayakers alike. Included is information on cooking in all seasons, with variety, on a budget, gourmet cooking, packing your food and menu planning (with proven recipes!).

What We Like:
What’s great about this book (much like great cooks) is that once you know the basic nutritional needs for calorie burning activities (kayaking!), there really are no rules… just guidelines to follow. June does a great job of making it easy to understand planning and preparing. You’ll be excited to start finding new food to take on the trail and feel more confident in “winging it”.

Included is a ton of great information for the beginner or veteran camp chef. The kinds of food to take safely on the trail has been really important in our 3 day trip paddles. The menu planning ideas as well as the one-liner system has proven itself time and again.

The one-liner is a basic list of ingredients with no instructions or specific amounts included. Choose a meat (or substitute) + a pasta or grain + vegetable + a sauce or seasoning + a topping or omit any of the items and throw them in a pot. June includes some trail tested combinations and the possibilities are endless.

There is also a brief section on drying which is about the same as you’ll find in any food dehydrator instruction manual.

The Final Word:
The Well-Fed Backpacker is a great introduction into broadening your palette at camp. This book is a classic for a reason and you’re sure to have it dog-eared in no time.

Key Info:
Author: June Fleming
Publisher: Vintage
Pages: 192 pages

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