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(Northern + Southern) Wisconsin All-Outdoors Atlas & Field Guide

All Outdoor Atlas & Field GuideAnother must-have map to guide you through our great state is the Wisconsin All-Outdoors Atlas & Map. Setting itself apart from the Wisconsin Atlas and Gazetteer, the All-Outdoors Maps & Atlas series is incredibly detailed, activity-specific and includes the added benefit of public and private land boundaries.

What We Like:
These guides split Wisconsin into two sections (meaning, you’ll have to buy the desired northern or southern edition). The reason? It’s stocked with information and would weigh a ton to carry around. The southern edition extends from Eau Claire to Green Bay and south. The northern edition extends from Eau Claire to Green Bay and north. Worth noting is that these are available for other states too (currently Michigan, Minnesota, New York and Pennsylvania) according to the Sportmans Connection website.

Aimed at the outdoor enthusiast and broken out by activity including fishing, hunting, camping, wildlife viewing, hiking, biking, paddling, skiing, golfing, traveling, offroading and snowmobiling, these guides are an invaluable resource (especially when you’re double or triple-checking take-outs and put-ins). The first half of this guide gives specific overviews for each activity and a broad offering of places to go, what you’ll see when you’re there, as well as contact information. The rest of the guide works much like a traditional atlas, breaking the state apart by counties. A legend and makers indicate the corresponding activity information.

The canoeing and kayaking overview provides a glimpse at the major rivers with some general “moderate to difficult” routes highlighted in red. But as you dig in, especially in the index of rivers and streams, you’ll find that there are an endless amount of canoe routes you’ll want to chase down.

The Final Word:
While these are sure to get outdated (mine was printed in 2007) they are sure to be updated too. Having another detailed resource to find rivers, streams, lakes, campgrounds, parks, trails, and boat launches make this a mandatory map to have in your vehicle.

Key Info:
Publisher: Sportsmans Connection

Northern Wisconsin All-Outdoors Atlas
Pages: 160
Size: 15.5″ x 11″

Southern Wisconsin All-Outdoors Atlas
Pages: 160
Size: 15.5″ x 11″

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