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Pro-Tec Two Face Helmet

Pro-Tec Two Face HelmetSafety first, especially on the water. If you’re going to paddle anything above a class I, it’s wise to wear a helmet. Pro-tec is a leader in helmets for all sports and their Two Face Helmet is a thing of beauty for safety on the water.

What We Like:
First, the name Two Face comes from the fact that you can wear this forward (with the brim) or backwards (without). It’s very comfortable either way (as well as the strap). There are enough vent holes for well, venting but also drainage. The ear pads are very comfortable but more importantly removable. You’ll probably go without the pads for anything lower for a class III as they do effect your ability to hear.

The Final Word:
It’s important to wear a helmet when you’re riding with rocks. The Pro-tec is first and foremost, a hard shell to protect your most important instrument. After that, it’s all about comfort. The Two Face gives you two ways to wear it comfortably. It’s also a great looking helmet, especially in Gloss Carbon.

Key Info:
Manufacturer: Pro-Tec
Shell: High-density, injection-molded ABS
Liner: Dual-density, waterproof EVA
Vents: 7 open vents for ventilation and drainage
Ear Pads: Removable cupping ear guards with water channels

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