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Primus Yellowstone ClassicTrail Stove

Primus Yellowstone Classic Trail Camp StoveI was sold on the MSR Dragonfly stove before really doing much research (others were more stove than I needed and many were very loud) until I came across this recommendation from an REI employee. I’ve never regretted the decision to bring this simple (and affordable) little stove home.

What We Like:
First, it’s really small, light and it packs into my kitchen set quite nicely. It’s surprising just how easy it is to use, setup, light and control the temperature of your cooking. A lot of stoves are Off and FULL BLAST. This one actually does simmer since the temperature control responds well.

Stability is questionable meaning, depending on your cookware, you could have issues if your pot is lopsided or has a heavy handle. The other thing to consider is how often you’re going to cook with it because you’ll have to bring enough fuel and it doesn’t run on any fuel. Canisters are widely available (just make sure you take enough the first time to know how long a canister will last). In our experience, a fuel canister will last about an hour of pure cooking time.

The Final Word:
This is a great little stove if you want to pack light and it’s VERY affordable at $25. It might have some trouble in the cold weather (but you’d probably be looking for a different setup for that kind of camp cooking) and you’ll want to try your cookware on it to check for stability but other than that you’ll find it to be a solid, clog-free, boiling in 3 minutes, quiet little stove.

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Key Info:
Manufacturer: Primus
Weight (without fuel): 8 ounces
Dimensions: 5″ x 2.25″
Fuel: 70% butane/20% propane/10% isobutane

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