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Chacos Z/1 Vibram Unaweep Sandals

Chaco Z1 Unaweep SandalTried and true, it should come as no surprise that we love Chacos. Having lost my favorite Adidas plastic sandal in some muck some time ago, I decided it was time to try something better (and actually made for the water).

What We Like:
We tried many different styles of water shoes and moccasins and the one thing we all agreed on was that drainage was of the utmost importance. We found that open-toed or an open-style is much better for draining water quickly which prevents your feet from feeling heavy and of course, dreaded blisters which form quickly from the friction of water inside nylon.

Chacos aren’t for everyone but they are a fantastic option for kayaking. They won’t stop you from slipping on some of the slickest of rocks, but they are great for wading across river rocks and protect your feet from the unknowns lying below the surface of the water. The straps dry rather quickly and aren’t uncomfortable inside the boat (you’ll still be able to fit them on the peddles).

The Final Word:
While Chacos may seem a little “complicated” at first, they get comfortable really fast. After your first trip in the river, they’ll feel like an old friend.

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Key Info:
Manufacturer: Chaco
Material Upper: Polyester webbing
Material Topsole: Polyurethane
Material Midsole: Polyurethane
Material Outsole: Vibram rubber
Average Weight: 1 lb. 7.2 oz.

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