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Camelbak Better Bottle

Camelbak Better BottleBPA-Free, extremely durable and available in various sizes and practically any color you desire, Camelbak water bottles are the go-to water bottle for your outdoor adventures (or indoor, even).

What We Like:
Camelbak has practically perfected the water bottle with a slim design made from a BPA-free polymer called Tritan. The contour of these bottles is much more manageable, easier to grip and easier to stow than the classic Nalgene bottles which often get cumbersome. These bottles come in .5, .75 and 1 Liter options and Camelbak offers a lifetime guarantee. But the truth is, every water bottle needs replacing at some point, especially when they are subject to the daily abuse of getting dropped, tossed around, or just lying in the sun.

The “leak-proof bite valve” is generally leak-proof, so long as you remember to keep it closed. And after time, it does loosen up a bit but it’s a nice feature (and you can always unscrew the top just like a Nalgene if you prefer wide-mouth bottles). The lid ring feature makes carrying and attaching to a kayak very easy (a carabiner or strapping to the deck works just fine).

Camelbak also offer something called The Better Insulated Bottle which adds an extra wall to keep your liquids colder, longer.

The Final Word:
Kayaking, canoeing, biking or just working in the yard, Camelbak water bottles hold up to the everyday rigors to keep you hydrated and moving.

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Key Info:
Manufacturer: Camelbak

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