Miles Paddled 2021

Milespaddled 2021Hey all, apologies for the downtime the last couple months but I had a “whole thing” I had to fix (like, moving the entire site). The good news is that we’re back up and the site is healthier than it’s ever been.

Aesthetically, it’s similar to our last iteration but it’s a whole new thing behind-the-scenes and should function a whole lot better than it did. This was quite the undertaking but I’m really looking forward to the groundwork it lays for the future of the site.

As mentioned elsewhere, if you linked to us, chances are those links are now broken (I redid a whole lot) so you’ll want to update them. Thanks to all who reached out to me with some great ideas about making the site better and even more self-sustained going forward. I do appreciate the collaboration. I’ll be sharing new content in a few weeks after working through some bugs, adjustments and enhancements (oh, and a vacation).

In the meantime, it’s good to be back. Paddle on!
– Barry

Miles Paddled 2016-2021
Miles Paddled 2016-2021

Miles Paddled 2011-2016
Miles Paddled 2011-2016

Miles Paddled 2009-2011
Miles Paddled 2009-2011

Miles Paddled 2008-2009
We had a different name/url and a really bad look during our formative year(s). So bad in fact, that I’m alright not even sharing screenshots of it.

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    Casca's friend
    July 16, 2021 at 10:13 am

    Glad to see you’re back. I saved your post on the Pewaukee River last year some time and this spring I wanted to look at some of the MANY other reports you did. I look forward to really digging into this website in my downtime. I’m wanting to try different places around SE Wisconsin and have the Go Paddle app but this brings everything into crystal clear perspective. Thank you for taking time to do these. I can tell a lot of thought and passion went into them (and from the Pewaukee River post, maybe some sweat and blood, too!)

    What we liked:
    Not a thing. This was a hard fought 6.75 miles.

    Thanks again.

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