RootsRatedUpdate: In June of 2018, I unfortunately had to part ways with RootsRated. Recently I received an email telling me how well they were doing and they were shifting gears on the site. They offered me $50 for all my past contributions (and in the legal, they of course, would own the content). Some would say $50 is pretty good for a post, but I had written 12 reports tailored to their outline, which took me plenty of time and thought. So I asked for $50 for each of the twelve which populated the Madison, Wisconsin page – but they insisted $50 for all of them, or $4.16 a piece. After some thought, they chose to stick to their guns, and me as well – I asked that they were pulled. I did point out that I wrote these when they were a startup and my contact (who doesn’t work there anymore) promised payment for each report, amongst other promises. That never happened, though I never pressed it hard until this point in which I was asked to give up my content for very little in return. I assumed I was doing good for the greater paddling community – especially after being suggested as a “local expert” by Mr. Darren Bush, aka/Rutabaga + Canoecopia Owner. Instead, I wish them well, and I hope other RootsRated contributors are looking out for themselves too.

RootsRated connects users with the best outdoor trails. Hand-picked by local outdoor retailers and their networks of local experts across the country, they curate the best outdoor experiences and the most interesting stories from their local outdoor communities. It’s a great site (and app) that offers up excellent trail ideas not just for paddlers, but for hikers, bikers, runners, skiers, etc.

We were approached to contribute to RootsRated some time ago and were, of course, more than happy to offer some of our favorite “paddle trails” to the cause. Madison is in its infancy, being a new city added to the site but stay tuned as trail reports are still being populated. You’ll find about a dozen of our favorite paddles written as overviews and readers of will find some familiar favorites.

From their site: “We harness the collective expertise of high-level local runners, skiers, riders, paddlers, and climbers. Then we share it through exclusive stories and destination reviews—curated city by city—about the best trails, runs, routes, crags, and more. RootsRated brings people who love the outdoors together, through insights from locals who are most in the know.”

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