River Alliance of Wisconsin Q&A

Miles Paddled River Alliance Q&ACheck out this month’s newsletter from the River Alliance of Wisconsin where we were interviewed for a question and answer session with Danika, one of the many great folks at the Alliance.

Miles Paddled has chosen to support the River Alliance because we feel there’s no better cause than protecting the most precious (and increasingly political) resource we have – water. Last year was the first time our little blog was able to donate to become members of the Alliance. This year, we also partnered for a noble cause at the Malt House, Paddlepalooza. There we not only sold a few paddling books but also raised awareness and donations for the Alliance – all thanks to Bill and his love of paddling!

It’s a great cause and they’re passionate people fighting for a cause near and dear to us – and not just for recreational reasons. Consider learning more.

Read on (click to view):

Miles Paddled River Alliance Q&A

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