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Sven Saw

What do you say about a tried and true classic? The Sven Saw is the only saw you’ll ever need on the trail, in camp or even at home.

What We Like:
The Sven Saw comes in 2 sizes, 15″ and 21″. Both cut like butter. We recommend the 15″ for paddling (due to the smaller size). It’s a brilliantly smart saw to have on hand. It’s very light and folds down to a manageable size but put together, it’s an incredibly sturdy saw. Above all else, this thing cuts through all types of wood, branches and even logs with very little effort.

The Final Word:
Gerber and Fiskars makes smaller camp handsaws but if you have a real job to do, you’ll want the Sven Saw. You’ll probably find yourself buying an extra one just to keep in your garage due to its cutting versatility.

Key Info:
Manufacturer: Sven Saw

Sven Saw 15″
Material (Blade): Stainless Steel
Material (Handel): Aluminum
Weight: 15oz
Length of Blade: 15″

Sven Saw 21″
Material (Blade): Stainless Steel
Material (Handel): Aluminum
Weight: 1lb 15oz
Length of Blade: 21″

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