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Youtube/milespaddled.comMiles Paddled was one of thousands of niche content creators to receive an email from Youtube this week, which basically said, “sorry, you’re small potatoes and you probably create questionable videos for our advertisers, therefore we’re giving you 30 days to get 1000 followers or 4,000 hours of “watched time or we’re not going to allow you to monetize your videos”.

The short of it is, “f**k off.”

(And talk about an arbitrary goal to suddenly get back into the club.)

Sure, we use a “free” service – which means they can do whatever they want, whenever they want – but we’ve helped fill the pockets of YouTube simply by hosting content. In turn, we get to “monetize” (something they created, by the way) which equates to us earning pennies simply by being viewed by people like you. Sure, it really is pennies, but it adds up and it goes directly to hosting this site (and I’m sure many, many others’ websites). But let’s be real here, to suggest our homemade content doesn’t lead to/link to other “worthy” content in YouTube’s algorithm is simply not true.

Why did this knee-jerk reaction happen? Well, here’s the full statement, but it’s mostly because of Logan Paul, a “YouTube Celebrity” and the disgusting video he posted. The reality is, he’s a 1-percenter of YouTube. And those causing the problems are usually, well, the 1-percenters of Youtube, because they have the viewers.

But it’s not them who are being punished, it’s the small creators, like us. Again, the grassroots content-creators who fill the pockets of YouTube, simply by creating and sharing content.

So how can you help? Simply subscribe to us on Youtube. Do we think we’ll get 1000 subscribers with less than 30 days left? Not at all. The chances of us reaching that goal are slim (viewing hours are even slimmer considering the length of the videos we create) but we figured we’d give it one last plea considering the outpouring of support on Facebook once the news broke. We’ve had an awesome swell of support – many of you have helped spread the word – and we can’t thank you enough for it!!

So if you want to help, just subscribe and encourage others to do so too. (All it means is that you’ll get an email when we upload something – you won’t be spammed beyond that – unless they change those rules too, of course). We don’t expect to hit YouTube’s goal within 30 days but we can try. Thanks for considering.


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P.S. Here’s a few reactions from Twitter that let us know we’re not alone in this or how we’re feeling about it. I guess it’s a little less terrible when you’re all in it together?

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