Wisconsin Shipwrecks

Wisconsin ShipwrecksIt doesn’t get much cooler than this. The Wisconsin Historical Society recently shared news that paddlers can now find direct GPS coordinates to shipwreck sites as well as nearby access points.

“Boaters, kayakers, beach walkers, divers, etc. can now get GPS location for shipwreck sites as well as access points to the beaches that they lie near. You can hover your cursor of the shipwreck icons and obtain factoids about each of the wrecks and a link to more in-depth history at

Over the past several years, The Wisconsin Historical Society has partnered with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to make shipwreck sites more accessible. We have added locational information for all the shallow water shipwreck sites in Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan to the Lake Michigan State Water Trail to the State Lands Access Map.”

Now that’s pretty cool. Those maps are here:
Lake Michigan State Water Trail Map
State Lands Access Map
Wisconsin Shipwreck Map

Do note that while all this is cool, neither Lake Michigan (with it’s exceptionally high water), nor Lake Superior (with its extremely volatile conditions) should ever be paddled without the proper experience, equipment, and/or paddling with a partner who is trained in open water rescue. Be smart and be safe out there, but do enjoy discovering those underwater treasures from just above the surface.

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