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Blue River

Blue River Video

Here’s some video of the Blue River, a meandering Driftless trout stream that offers a unique and intimate experience on a swift and splashy river dotted with massive boulders, rock outcrops and steep valleys. (Adjust to 1080p for the…

Little Turtle Creek

Little Turtle Creek Video

Little Turtle Creek dazzles with crystal-clear water, steady current, lots of riffles, and a thrilling mix of prairies, pastures and forest. Good accesses and excellent wildlife only add to the whole experience. A couple down trees to portage can…

Scuppernong Creek

Scuppernong Creek Video

A half-dozen portages couldn’t sully a trip that quietly meanders past backyards and across small lakes, around natural springs, soggy bogs, cattail corridors, hemlocks and tamaracks, over stunningly clear water, amidst tons of wildlife and capped off by a…

Castle Rock Creek-Fennimore Fork

Castle Rock Creek/Fennimore Fork Video

A surprisingly viable paddling prospect when water levels are higher than normal, this Driftless Area trout stream tumbles and meanders past exposed rock outcrops, bluffs, pine relicts, and swaths of prairie. Accesses are OK but not great, and there…

2019 Miles Paddled Outtakes

Miles Paddled Outtakes 2017-2019

Throughout the last three years, we’ve gathered some mildly amusing outtakes from our adventures documenting rivers and creeks throughout Wisconsin (and our neighbors). It might be a stretch to call these entertaining, but it’s certainly revealing to see what…

Devil's Lake

Devil’s Lake Video

An extraordinarily short but delightful paddle within Wisconsin’s most popular State Park, this little adventure provides a different perspective to the towering bluffs of Devil’s Lake, and is especially appealing during the peak colors of fall. (Adjust to 1080p for…

Robinson Creek

Robinson Creek Video: Kelly Road to West Pine Hill Road

The fabled lower section of Robinson Creek features no fewer than five Class II-III ledges through a series of two separate mini canyons. As such, this trip demands caution and care, and should be considered only by experienced paddlers…

Turtle Creek

Turtle Creek Video: O’Riley Road to Sweet-Allyn Park

Turtle Creek is one of our favorite paddles in Southern Wisconsin. This section is rather tame with wide and long straightaways, but the payoff of paddling beneath the beautiful Tiffany Stone Arch bridge is the cherry on top of this…

Cannon River Video

Cannon River Video: Cannon Falls to Welch

We love paddling our neighboring states, especially Minnesota’s driftless region. Here, we returned to the Cannon River to explore a section quite popular for canoeing, kayaking and tubing. With that in mind, do know that you’ll company along the…

Badfish Creek Video

Scuppernong River Video: Highway 106 to County Road D

If you’ve ever wondered about the Scuppernong, wonder no more. It’s flat and often channelized, but mostly marsh-like and open. And it’s full of birds and sometimes boats. On this beautiful blue-skied Sunday in early-August, it made for a…

Badfish Creek Video

Badfish Creek Video: Old Stage Road to Casey Road

This section of Badfish Creek is our absolute favorite paddle near Madison. With almost always reliable water levels, riffles, sand/gravel bars, and maintained access points, it’s as delightful of a paddle experience one could ask for. Here’s a look at last…

Horseshoe Island Video

Horseshoe Island Video: Door County, Wisconsin

Have a look at the there-and-back Door County diversion we had last July by paddling some big-lake (or big-Bay, I suppose) waters on our way to hike around Horseshoe Island. It’s a great paddle so long as the water…

Pewaukee River Video

Pewaukee River Video: Koepp Park to Bluemound Road

It’s been well documented that at the right water levels, the Pewaukee River has proven potential. But on this specific day, it was far too low – which made for a half weed-choked and half-hoofing-it type of “paddle.” As…

Grant River Video

Grant River Video: Short Cut Road to County Road U

In 2019, we returned to one of our favorite sections of the Grant River. Although we didn’t update the trip report (since nothing was notably different) we did capture the trip on video again. What was unique this time…

Safety Tips For Paddling Trips

Safety Tips for Paddling Trips

We were recently invited by the River Alliance of Wisconsin to help create some safety paddling videos. The collaboration resulted in what we believe are important (and hopefully useful) videos for being prepared and safe on the water. Timothy was…

Beaver Dam River

Beaver Dam River Video: Cotton Mill Park to County Road J

This section of the Beaver Dam River begins as an exhilarating urban paddle before quieting down towards the outskirts of town amongst suburban development, then narrowing again and alternating between wooded corridors, farmland and finally to a wider, almost…

Fools Flotilla 2017

Fools’ Flotilla Video

The annual Fools’ Flotilla – an event to raise awareness of the work of the Wisconsin River Alliance – is this Sunday, June 10th. Last year, the first family of Miles Paddled took part and we had a blast! Take…

Plover River

Plover River Video: Esker Road to Bevent Drive

One of our favorites in Central Wisconsin, this section of the Plover River is an exceptional day trip for paddlers. And with convenient access points, countless riffles, mild rapids and amazing boulder gardens, it combines all our favorite elements of…

Waupaca River

Waupaca River Video: Riverview Park to Reek Road

The Waupaca River from downtown to Highway 22 is a surprisingly fun section, though it’s rarely paddled. The last few miles after 22, however, are often slow, uneventful and a little noisy from the highway that gets closer and…

Fond Du Lac River West Branch

West Branch of the Fond Du Lac River Video

One of the biggest surprise discoveries of 2017 was the West Branch of the Fond Du Lac River. At the right levels, this paddle is extremely fun, full of lengthy riflly runs in an engaging and ever-changing environment. It…

Crystal River

Crystal River Video: Little Hope to Shadow Lake

Clocking in at just over four miles, this popular and easy paddle down the last legs of the beautiful Crystal River is perfect for beginners or those looking for a leisurely afternoon. And if you were ever curious as…

Robinson Creek

Robinson Creek Video: Old County Road I to Kelly Road

Black River Falls is one of our favorite areas to paddle in Wisconsin because of creeks like Robinson. With narrow corridors, beautiful outcrops, lengthy riffly stretches and woodsy surroundings, it’s a very engaging, intimate and fun paddle. Have a…