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Wedges Creek Video

Wedges Creek Video: Middle Road to Riviera Avenue

Best caught at higher levels than when we visited it, Wedges Creek is a seldom paddled gem located in Black River Falls. The highlight of this trip was not the creek itself however, but the extended section of the…

Wolf River

Wolf River Video: Lily to Hollister

The Wolf River is a must-visit paddling destination for whitewater-curious paddlers. Here’s a look back at a particularly popular section from September of 2015...…

Milwaukee River

Milwaukee River Video: Grafton to County Highway T

With nearly endless riffles and surrounded by limestone and dolomite dells, this short clip on the Milwaukee River makes for a fun and visually stunning paddle, highly recommended for mild-whitewater adventurers and definitely one of our favorites of 2015...…

Milwaukee River Video

Milwaukee River Video: Newburg to Fredonia

Have a look at the Newburg to Fredonia section of the Milwaukee River we revisited back in June of last year. It was anticipated to be a little more exciting than it turned out to be but there was…

Zumbro River

Zumbro River Video

Seemingly endless standing waves (and a first-ever shuttle via ATV) highlight this beautiful section of Minnesota’s Zumbro River, another run that made our Best Paddles of 2015 list...…

Red Cedar River

Red Cedar River Video: Menomonie to Downsville

This trip down the Red Cedar river wasn't particularly exciting in terms of scenery, but it was a quick and splashy ride all the way to the end where you'll find a convenient waves-to-trails shuttle...…

Homemade and Affordable Kayak Garage Rack Video

Homemade (& Affordable) Kayak Rack Video

With a third addition to the Miles Paddled fleet, we needed another rack for the garage. We thought we’d have a little fun documenting the process for building your own Homemade (& Affordable) Kayak Rack, super simple DIY solution...…

Peshekee River

Peshekee River Video

The Peshekee River in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, was one of the bumpiest journeys we’ve had but also one of the prettiest with an incredibly pristine and picturesque backdrop...…

Trempealeau River

Trempealeau River Video: Whitehall to Independence

Here's a look at a pleasant (and sandy) stretch of the Trempealeau River starting in Whitehall, Wisconsin. As it gently flows through coulee country on its way to the Black River, the Trempealeau is short on excitement but sometimes…

La Crosse River

La Crosse River Video: Sparta to Bangor

This was a long 16.5 miles on the La Crosse (and more than we’d recommend biting off in one day) but it's a beauty of a river and perfectly fit for a couple day trips. It's a difficult task…

Mormon Creek

Mormon Creek Video

The seemingly mysterious whereabouts of Oehler Cave is solved. It's been a cave we couldn't stop thinking about from the moment we laid eyes on it. After a less than ideal paddle, we finally uncovered the location of Oehler…


Sugar River Video: Albany to Brodhead

Here's a look at the Albany to Brodhead section of the Sugar River. Popular with the tubing contingent, we caught it before tubing season officially began. Unfortunately, it's quite unspectacular all the way through Decatur Lake...…

Yellow Creek

Yellow Creek Video

The Yellow Creek in Northern Illinois wasn't our intended destination this day but man it was a great little find. With clear water, good flow, pretty hillsides, ridges, a number of quite attractive rock outcrops and an absolutely fascinating…

2013 Miles Paddled Outtakes

Miles Paddled Outtakes 2008-2013

While documenting our trips down rivers and creeks throughout Wisconsin, we were bound to capture some (mildly) amusing footage. Here are some outtakes from six seasons of paddling.…