Safety Tips for Paddling Trips

Safety Tips For Paddling TripsWe were recently invited by the River Alliance of Wisconsin to help create some safety paddling videos. The collaboration resulted in what we believe are important (and hopefully useful) videos for being prepared and safe on the water. Timothy was all for it (and available – opposed to Barry, who was not) and did an awesome job. We absolutely love how they turned out. Thanks to Danika, Meg and the rest of the crew for thinking of us and making it happen! Have a look at the whole series below.

Safety Tips for Paddling Trips: PFDs!
Here, Timothy talks PFDs – something not always seen on his own body, but it doesn’t mean it’s not in his boat (we keep it legal here on Miles Paddled, and we don’t judge – respecting each other’s limits).

Safety Tips for Paddling Trips: Water Levels
One of the hardest things to explain to new paddlers is water levels – but there are tools to help. We wish every river and creek had a gage/gauge on it, but that’s not the case. Regardless, we do the best with the ones we have, making notes of those when we paddled them, and ask locals when we’re visiting something new if we’re still stumped.

Safety Tips for Paddling Trips: Paddling Essentials
Some essential paddling-gear considerations aside from the usual items one might take out on the water – again, like a PFD, which is a given. 🙂

Safety Tips for Paddling Trips: Water Level Alerts
This is next-level stuff. You have to be a real nerdy-paddler to want USGS water level alerts sent to you via email or text (yes we do, and yes we are). P.S. It’s way more exciting than the way the YouTube thumbnail makes Timothy look!

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