West Branch of the Fond Du Lac River Video

One of the biggest surprise discoveries of 2017 was the West Branch of the Fond Du Lac River. At the right levels, this paddle is extremely fun, full of lengthy riflly runs in an engaging and ever-changing environment. It starts small, intimate and swift, and ends big and wide in Lake Winnebago. Due to the sometimes pushy current, blind corners and the occasional deadfall in the first half, we don’t recommend this for beginners.

Since it is incredibly varied, this is also the longest video we’ve ever cut, so it’s best to grab some popcorn. Spoiler: If you like riffles, the first half will suit you well but if you like flatwater and bridges, the second half will probably be more to your liking. (Adjust to 1440p minimum for the best picture).

Fond Du Lac River: West Branch
Highway 23 to Lake Winnebago
Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
June 25, 2017

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