Miles Paddled T-Shirt Shop

Miles Paddled T-Shirt ShopMiles Paddled opened a Spreadshirt shop.

So now you can not only sport some of our apparel but feel good knowing that you’re supporting the site too. Win-win, all around.

Here’s a little about our collections: Brand Gear
Our lovely but intimidating skull paddler will surely impress fellow bladesmen and women and strike fear into non-paddlers.

Rivers + Creeks
These shirts celebrate some of our favorite places to paddle – places like Badfish Creek, Waupaca River and the Yahara, amongst others. The shirts feature a slightly distressed signature across the chest.

Paddle Wisconsin
The “Canoe & Kayak Badge” proudly proclaims the love of paddling Wisconsin, while the “Canoe or Kayak Compass” directs you to paddle all points in Wisconsin. Or go a little vintage with our “Paddle Wisco” graphic.

The Lower 92
The “Paddle The Lower 92 Rebus” proclaims your love of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway and it’s free-flowing 92 miles to the Mississippi River  (available with canoe or kayak paddles). Conversely, our “Paddled The Lower Wisconsin 92” brags (in a nice way, of course) about your conquering of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway’s 92 miles.

Keep Calm
That’s right, we did it, “Keep Calm And Carry On”, shirts have been added to the shop (with a canoe or kayak icon).

All shirts are printed on men’s and women’s American Apparel and are available in different colors.

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