Canoecopia 2017 In Review

Canoecopia 2017 In ReviewIn past years we’ve reviewed our visits to the “World’s Biggest Paddling Expo” that is Canoecopia – and while this year is no different, it’s totally different. Because this year, we were invited to speak at the show which was not only a thrill and honor, but a completely humbling and amazing experience.

So this year, our review has nothing to do with the exhibition itself, or the awesome outfitters or vendors that occupied the event. This is our chance to simply say, thank you.

First and foremost, thank you all who came out to see the talks. We thought it went pretty good for two guys who have done very little public speaking – especially at a venue of this size. Both talks were full – to the point they were turning people away. That, we never expected. My favorite part was meeting people that I’ve only corresponded with via email or social by way of the site. It was great to put faces to names (and vice-versa, I’m sure).

Thank you to our friends and family who not only showed support at the show but all those weekends leading up to it. Thank you to the fans we didn’t know we had – you’re amazing. And thank you to everyone who bought Timothy’s book. Your support means everything.

A Thank-You From Timothy
“Wow. Just, wow.

As Special Agent Dale Cooper says in Twin Peaks, “Harry, I’m honored beyond my ability to express myself.” That’s how we feel after the incredible outpouring of support and reception last weekend at Canoecopia. Fans we’d never met of the site, as well as folks who’d never heard of Miles Paddled in the first place, came out in such numbers that not only were our two presentations standing room only, but at least another hundred had to be turned away at the door, as we were pushing our luck as it was with fire safety violations. Maybe we should’ve played “Burning Down the House” instead of “Once in a Lifetime.”

We signed t-shirts and books, had our photos taken, shook a lot of hands, met a lot of great folks, and sold the many copies of the book that Rutabaga had ordered for Canoecopia.

Again, wow.

Y’all made us rock stars for the day, which was both awesome and profoundly humbling. Before our presentations, we were nervous as hell – wanting either to run around the parking lot half a dozen times, or vomit. Or vomit after running around. Instead, we ended up feeling like a million bucks. We can never thank you enough.

Whether on the water, at a bridge, or in a bar, we hope to see y’all around. Spring paddling is just around the corner… may you explore the obscure, and have many miles paddled.”

More Thanks
Thank you Darren Bush and the “selection committee” for literally giving us a stage to talk about the book as well as Thank you Nancy for your very attentive back-and-forths covering any and all questions these two rookies could possible ask (and there were a lot). You’re the best.

Thanks to the crew at Canoecopia (especially the A/V guy in the Bear room the first night – you were awesome). Also, Mark Morrall, for helping figure out my projector issues during the chaos that is the “in-between” speaker-turnover on Saturday (again, it was absolutely awesome to finally/officially meet you and Mary).

Thank you to Penny in Green Lake for the plug on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Larry Meiller Show, and again to Darren who gave us a vote of confidence heading into the weekend (listen to that part at about 28:00 minutes in).

The Larry Meiller Show | Canoes and Other Paddlesports | Download Mp3

Finally, thank you to the awesome couple who showed up to our Saturday talk wearing t-shirts! You completely took us by surprise and we were even more flattered that you wanted us to sign them! Sorry we didn’t get your name amongst the chaos (I meant to give you some koozies – please contact us). Seriously, you made our weekend.

Oh, and Timothy, thank you for kicking ass on the book, the site and just being friends.

Now, let’s get on with 2017.

Miles Paddled Video:
We shared this video as part of our presentation about the site (unfortunately, we of course had to re-cut the music due to obvious copyright reasons, so while it may be a little less dynamic than the first screenings, it still tells our story). (Adjust to 1080p for the best picture).

Photo Gallery:

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