10 Favorite Destination Photos

10 Favorite Destination PhotosMiles Paddled 10 Year LogoI had a really hard time deciding what to call this group of photos. I mean, these aren’t necessarily “paddling” photos, though they were taken while out on paddling excursions. But “Ten Favorite Not-Paddling Photos” sounded not only clumsy and anti-Miles Paddled, but also rather confusing. Since these aren’t literally photographed while paddling like our first list, nor highlighting any sort of dreadful reality like our second, or even contain any of the (mostly) cute critters captured in our third, I felt it was only right to give them another round of attention.

Basically, these are the befores, afters, and durings. Or the beginnings, the ends, and the in-between diversions. The put-ins, take-outs or drop-bys. The sidetracks, the shuttles or the soft-spoken moments and destinations that come intentionally or randomly while documenting rivers and creeks throughout Wisconsin. Simply put, they were too wonderful to not combine into one last favorite tenth anniversary photo list, no matter how imperfect the title may be.

Little Platte River01: Little Platte River
“Back in the tall grass.”

Maunesha River02: Maunesha River
Perhaps the brownest and most beautiful shuttle ever.

Kawishiwi River03: Boundary Waters, Kawishiwi River
Isn’t this what the Boundary Waters are all about? Dontcha just want to be next in line to dive?

Kawishiwi River04: Boundary Waters, Kawishiwi River
And next… a perfect cannonball.

Mink River05: Mink River
I’ve always loved this little drive on the Door peninsula. Here, I took this drive on one of the curviest roads in Wisconsin while waiting out some unfortunate weather before paddling the Mink River (and boy do I miss that old Jeep).

Bois Brule River

06: Bois Brule River
I don’t think I’ve encountered a more picturesque landing than the one at our first paddle on the Bois Brule. And I think that specific vehicle and canoe make this extra aesthetically wonderful for me.

Mormon Creek07: Mormon Creek
This cave. Oh how this cave became an obsession to find. Twice. But there’s something about it. The fold. The hidden welcoming. No matter the trials and tribulations that we encountered on our way to this secret destination, it was worth it.

Wisconsin River08: Wisconsin River
I’ve always loved this decisive-moment image of Timothy hell-bent on paddling – in winter. That’s passion. “This Train is Bound for Glory” on some chilly waters.

Mill Creek09: Mill Creek (Portage County)
Straight away, one of the prettiest fall shuttles I’ve ever biked.

Upper Iowa River10: Upper Iowa River
Everyone’s gotta shower once in awhile, but rarely is it this amazing.

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