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Plover River

Plover River Video: Jordan Park to Iverson Park

A tributary of the Wisconsin River, here's a popular section of the Plover River that's a relaxing and easy paddle for canoers and kayakers of all skill levels and is bookended by two great parks in Stevens Point...…

Mecan River

Mecan River Video: Dakota to Highway 22

Here's a little look at the Mecan River from earlier this season. A popular river for paddling, as well as fly fishing, the Mecan is a clear, sandy-bottomed and twisty trout stream flowing through the beautiful pines of Central…

Carroll Creek

Carroll Creek Video

Have a look at our paddle down the absolutely stunning Carroll Creek from April of this year. We highly recommend visiting this beautiful creek when water levels allow for it...…

Kickapoo River

Kickapoo River Video: Ontario to Rockton

One of our favorite kayak trips of 2012 was paddling down the Kickapoo River. Here's what the first part of the journey, Ontario to Rockton (Landing 1 to 12), looked like...…

Crawfish River

Crawfish River Video: Milford to Jefferson

Here's a look at the Crawfish River trip from back in September. It was a rather slow and uneventful paddle, as is usually the case with this river, but it was a day on the water nonetheless...…

Little Wolf River

Little Wolf River Video: Manawa to County X

Here's a look at the paddle down the Little Wolf River from back in September. Great for beginners, this mostly flatwater stretch does offer some riffles and a drop, but this section is more peaceful than exciting...…

The Wisconsin River Top to Bottom

The Wisconsin River Top to Bottom

This video found its way into our inbox today from the Friends of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway. It's a very cool overview (literally) of our own majestic Wisconsin River...…