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Spring Green

Lower Wisconsin Riverway
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Wisconsin River XIX

Prairie Du Sac to Wyalusing Landing: The Lower Wisconsin Riverway is beloved for its canoe and kayak camping opportunities on the islands and sandbars that dot the protected 92 miles from the Prairie Du Sac dam to the Mississippi…

Wisconsin River
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Wisconsin River XV

Spring Green to Lone Rock: An easy, straightforward, entirely delightful stretch of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway featuring innumerable sandbars, wooded islands, rolling hills and even an exposed sandstone rock wall. Great accesses at the put-in and take-out make for…

Mill Creek
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Mill Creek (Iowa County)

Loy Road to Highway 23: A pretty creek but a mostly miserable paddling experience with one notable exception at the very end. I wouldn’t even recommend this trip to my enemies. Unless, of course, you like difficult portages, poisonous…

Lower Wisconsin River Paddle Guide
Paddle Guide

Lower Wisconsin River Paddle Guide

In 1989, the Lower Wisconsin Riverway was created to protect the last free-flowing 92 miles to the confluence of the Mississippi River for recreational purposes and to help protect natural wildlife habitats...…