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Turtle Creek Video: O’Riley Road to Sweet-Allyn Park

February 28, 2020

Turtle Creek is one of our favorite paddles in Southern Wisconsin. This section is rather tame with wide and long straightaways, but the payoff of paddling beneath the beautiful Tiffany…

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Turtle Creek II

October 10, 2019

O’Riley Road to Sweet-Allyn Park
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Upstream from the most fun and interesting stretch of Turtle Creek lies a wooly (but not wild) trip on a rather wide and…

Paddle Guide

Turtle Creek Paddle Guide

April 2, 2016
Turtle Creek is a real gem in southern Wisconsin. Popular with locals but for some reason mostly unknown to outsiders (which is probably just fine by the locals), there’s a lot to love about this pretty stream...
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Turtle Creek V

March 31, 2016

Fairfield to Sweet-Allyn Park
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Here’s an encore performance of the beloved Turtle Creek that combines sections from previous trips for the sake of diversity as well as…


Turtle Creek Video: Sweet-Allyn Park to Dickop Street

November 18, 2013
We had another familiar trip down the bridge-heavy Turtle Creek that flows through the city of Beloit, Wisconsin. This paddle is a Miles Paddled favorite...