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Flambeau River North Fork
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Flambeau River: North Fork II

9 Mile Creek Landing to Dix Dox Landing: The north fork of the Flambeau River is famed for its beauty, abundant wildlife and trips that offer varying degrees of difficulty from flatwater to Class II whitewater. The Nine Mile…

Cherokee Marsh
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Cherokee Marsh

Touring Cherokee Marsh in Dane County: Quietwater enthusiasts love Cherokee Marsh for its abundant wildlife and acres of no-wake water. On various days in the marsh, you might spot sandhill cranes, geese, ducks, bullfrogs, eastern painted turtles and carp…

Prairie River
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Prairie River II

County Road C to Stange’s Park: The Prairie begins as a swift, narrow trout stream that flows through rolling hills as its gradient decreases through lowland prairie. There is plenty of quiet water to catch one’s breath in between…