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Installing a depth finder on a kayak

Kayak Modifications: Installing a Depth Finder

By Trevor Bellrichard Resident Fishing Expert/Voyager/Explorer/Pisces/Some Guy/Miles Paddler since 2017 Resident fishing expert Trevor Bellrichard begins a series of Do-It-Yourself kayak modifications to turn what would be a run-of-the-mill sit-in kayak, into a rather credible and comfortable fishing vessel.…

Homemade and Affordable Kayak Garage Rack Video

Homemade (& Affordable) Kayak Rack Video

With a third addition to the Miles Paddled fleet, we needed another rack for the garage. We thought we’d have a little fun documenting the process for building your own Homemade (& Affordable) Kayak Rack, super simple DIY solution...…

Homemade Kayak Kitchen

Homemade Kayak Kitchen

I'm always interested in what gear people take when trying to keep things lightweight on the water. Especially when it comes to cooking... often the highlight of the day after a long paddle...…