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Kishwaukee River
★ ★ ★

Kishwaukee River II

County Line Road to Red Horse Bend: A simply solid Northern Illinois day float, this section of the Kishwaukee River is a delightfully appealing paddle with easy accesses to boot. While not particularly scenic, there’s enough unique features to keep…

Zumbro River South Fork
★ ★ ★ ★

Zumbro River: South Fork

90th Street to Zumbro River County Park: An accessible, beginner-friendly, and beautiful paddling experience in the driftless region of Rochester, Minnesota. This section of the South Fork of the Zumbro River is only a short drive from downtown, but…

Kickapoo River
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Kickapoo River IV

Plum Creek Road to Wauzeka: An easy, pretty, and primitive trip, this final stretch of the meandering Kickapoo is not endowed with the spectacular rock outcrops and canyons as found in the popular Ontario to La Farge section –…

Canoeing with a Baby

Canoeing With a Baby

By Heather Rivérun Friend + Miles Paddled contributor Paddling is a passion in our family. Before the arrival of our daughter, my husband, Mike, and I could be found in our canoe most weekends and were always scheming and…